Emma Storm

Emma Tesayon Storm

Lost Little Victorian Girl, Lydian Academy, The Void, Thread Emma

An instantiation of a personification of an understanding of the mechanistic nature of the multiverse.

There once was a little girl in Victorian England named Emma. She was treated well by her family for the times, but they were distant as was thought best for raising a young girl in that time and culture.

She had a friend in another little girl, named Alice. Her friend had been on a strange adventure when she was young. Emma and Alice spent many long hours talking about what they would do if they could escape the lives before them, playing in the fields and forest when they could go off on their own during summers together.

Then one day news came to the house that Alice had disappeared.

Emma simply knew that Alice would come back for her, that she had found a way back to Wonderland and would come for her too.

But she didn't come. For months she didn't come Penemue kept coming in her dreams as they always had, giving her stories of the Many Worlds. But never in the dreams was Alice, and that was who Emma wanted more than anything. Emma wanted the girl she loved back more than she wanted to escape.

Eventually a demon came, sensing her vulnerability, and promised to lead her to Alice. It could do no such thing, but Alice had still not come home so she went with it. They travelled the multiverse, always in trouble, until suddenly the demon was gone and Emma was alone. Far from home, no guide, no Alice, she was lost and became only more lost for a long time.

Emma tried to find her way home but just drifted further toward the edges of the Many Worlds. In the end she sailed the dark places between the furthest of the isolated worlds, watching everything else crumbling to improbabilities around her. Near the ends of time Emma captained a ship of the Void, it becoming part of her as she became part of it.

Would she and Alice have even known each other in the end?